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CAMASYS is an all-in-one, innovative Fleet Management Software meticulously created by industry experts to assist Rental Car businesses and dealerships in optimizing their processes. With CAMASYS, you can release full automation and optimization, improving your business management and productivity through our creative solutions.


CAMASYS is not just a product, it's a growth tool for your business

One solution for your entire business. Effectively manage, automate, and optimize your business operations.

Fleet management

Forecasting and overbooking tools. Customized reporting tailored to your needs

Long and short term rentals

Efficiently manage all your long and short term rentals with full visibility on invoicing, leasing contracts, and more


Keep your fleet updated and avoid extra maintenance costs with our CAMASYS solution

Rates management

Enjoy the most flexible rate management in the market. Set different rates for different seasons

Fleet Management Software

Optimize your fleet management daily operations as efficiently as possible. Simplify your processes and increase your company’s revenues with CAMASYS. Contact us today to evaluate all the benefits of our solution.

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New opportunities with CAMASYS

Rental Management System

Explore the most flexible and effective car management software available, carefully designed to address every aspect of Car Rental (B2C), Leasing, and Long-Term Rentals (B2B).

Our solution covers everything from online reservations and fleet management to pricing, damage control, servicing and beyond. We optimize billing processes, effectively manage customer information, and handle back-office tasks. Moreover, our advanced reporting capabilities empower both Car Rental and Car Dealership owners to make informed decisions, pushing their businesses to the best results.

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Online WEB Reservations

We offer website integration with CAMASYS, synchronizing vehicle availability and allowing end clients to make online payments, create user accounts, and more. We are experts in developing websites that prioritize the best user experience, cyber-security, and reliability. All our websites are custom-made for the car rental industry.

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Application for Drop-in/off

We have developed the Mobile Drop-In/Off application to optimize the vehicle delivery and return process in different scenarios, such as car rentals, fleet management, and automotive repair services. CAMASYS app provides a convenient way for users to record and store vehicle conditions, document important details, and ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

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E-Signature and Digital Documentation

Our innovative e-documentation solution allows you to digitize and store all essential documents securely in the cloud. From rental agreements and vehicle inspection reports to insurance documents and driver licenses, everything is accessible at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

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Interview with Juraj Šulhaň - CEO of AVIS Slovakia

Discover how AVIS Slovakia exceeded their expectations with Camasys, streamlining internal processes, boosting sales velocity, and gaining better control over crucial metrics.

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What our clients say about us

AVIS Slovakia
The features and clarity of CAMASYS helped us refine our internal processes, sell more and faster and have numbers under control. The system helps automating processes, better organizing work and, above all, managing a fleet effectively. Finally, through the customer survey function, we are able to measure customer satisfaction very quickly and easily and based on that prioritize what we need to work on to ensure customer satisfaction.
Juraj Sulhan, CEO


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IN LEASE s.r.o.
With Camasys, forecasting and overbooking tools have become our secret weapons, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve and optimize our resource allocation like never before. What used to be a tedious task of manual reporting has now become a breeze with Camasys' tailored reporting feature. It's like having a personalized analytics team at our fingertips, helping us make smarter decisions faster.
Jiří Kovárník


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AVIS & Budget Faroe Islands
Our most used and appreciated features so far are daily task, calendar, and damage control. Camasys made our drivers work more effective, it has made our daily workload so much easier and hence we require less staff for daily operations.
Saroya Dalsgarð


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