Application for Drop-in/off

We have developed the Mobile Drop-In/Off application to optimize the vehicle delivery and return process in different scenarios, such as car rentals, fleet management, and automotive repair services. CAMASYS app provides a convenient way for users to record and store vehicle conditions, document important details, and ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

Reservation and Delivery Protocol Excellence

Our app allows you to manage reservations with precision, ensuring that every aspect is handled efficiently and accurately. It delivers exceptional customer service with our delivery protocol feature. Application ensures, that every vehicle handover is executed seamlessly, enhancing the overall rental experience for your customers.

Inventory Management and Protection

With our app, you can identify available inventory items at the time of delivery and compare their condition upon return. Additionally, you can ensure the quality of your vehicle rental fleet and maintain optimal inventory levels at all times.

By taking photos at the time of delivery to document the aesthetics of the vehicles, you prevent and verify damage to your fleet and ensure compliance with rental agreements.


Paperless Transactions

Our app allows you to share inspection data with your customers through a PDF document, including all vehicle details such as photos, inventory items, and digital signatures. By doing that, you keep your customers informed and ensure transparency throughout the rental process.

Digital client signatures without the need for paper make the rental process more efficient and environmentally friendly.