Rental Management System

Explore the most flexible and effective car management software available, carefully designed to address every aspect of Car Rental (B2C), Leasing, and Long-Term Rentals (B2B). Our solution covers everything from online reservations and fleet management to pricing, damage control, servicing and beyond. We optimize billing processes, effectively manage customer information, and handle back-office tasks. Moreover, our advanced reporting capabilities empower both Car Rental and Car Dealership owners to make informed decisions, pushing their businesses to the best results.

Effective fleet stock management

Our fleet management system goes beyond just processing information – it anticipates your needs and makes informed decisions in advance. By analysing car demands and implementation patterns, it intelligently allocates reservations, ensuring optimal utilization of your fleet.

With our automated selection feature, you'll always have access to the newest and least used vehicles. This helps maintain an evenly worn-down fleet, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring top-notch vehicles for your customers.

In the event of unplanned vehicle discharge, our system seamlessly transfers existing reservations to other available vehicles, ensuring uninterrupted service for your customers. Plus, with the option to set terms for informing customers about order readiness, you can enhance the customer experience and streamline operations.


Fleet Management Dashboard

With our comprehensive dashboard, you have access to all the statistics you need at your fingertips. Track service metrics, utilization rates, occupancy levels, and profitability – all conveniently displayed in one centralized location.

You gain valuable insights into your vehicle categories' performance with our Statistics section and also analyse utilization, occupancy, and profitability trends to make data-driven decisions that drive your business forward.

Our advanced search capabilities allow you to drill down into specific fleet and vehicle types, providing detailed insights into performance metrics and trends. With customizable filters, you can tailor your analysis to suit your unique business needs.

Task planning and management

Our system allows you to screen planned vehicle return times, enabling proactive preparation for each vehicle's return. By anticipating return schedules, you can ensure seamless handovers and minimize wait times for customers.

CAMASYS automates task assignments and notifications, ensuring drivers receive timely updates on their assigned tasks. From vehicle inspections to customer pickups, our system keeps drivers informed and on track.

You can set specific deadlines for task completion, ensuring timely execution and efficient workflow management. With customizable time settings, you can prioritize tasks and optimize operational efficiency.

CAMASYS offers flexible task creation options, allowing subsidiaries, call center agents, or team leaders to create tasks seamlessly. Integrated task settings ensure clear communication and collaboration across departments.

Damage history

All damage records are securely stored in the system for every vehicle in the fleet. This ensures that there is always a clear record of the vehicle’s condition, helping to prevent disputes and misunderstandings.

Our system streamlines the process of uploading photo documentation to the server. Rental agents can easily upload photos of vehicle damage directly from their mobile devices, ensuring that all evidence is securely stored and accessible.

CAMASYS automatically backs up vehicle records and photo documentation, providing an additional layer of security and peace of mind for rental agencies.


Multi Branch system

CAMASYS empowers you to manage multiple agencies and branches seamlessly, all from one centralized platform. Whether you're overseeing a corporation, license agency, or subsidiary, our system provides the flexibility and scalability you need to stay ahead of the curve.

You can streamline operations across numerous departments, ensuring smooth coordination and optimal workflow management. From client records to CRM management, our system offers comprehensive tools to keep your business running smoothly.

CAMASYS offers adjustable rights of access, ensuring that each user and department has access to the data they need while maintaining security and confidentiality. Whether it's restricting access to sensitive information or granting permissions based on job roles, our system puts you in control.