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Interview with Juraj Šulhaň - CEO of AVIS Slovakia

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Juraj Šulhaň, the CEO of AVIS Slovakia, to delve into the transformative impact of Camasys software on their car rental operations. From evaluating its user-friendliness to assessing its tangible benefits on rental numbers and profitability, Juraj provides candid insights into the journey of implementing and leveraging Camasys within their organization.

Furthermore, Juraj also shares his satisfaction with the initial implementation process, highlighting the seamless communication and support provided by the Camasys team. He also emphasizes the strategic advantage of managing both Avis and Payless brands through a unified system, facilitating transparent fleet sharing and optimizing customer experience.

Interview with Juraj Šulhaň - CEO of AVIS Slovakia

1. How do you feel about Camasys software meeting your overall expectations following the system installation?

We had specific expectations from Camasys in terms of improving the efficiency of our car rental operations and organizing our workflow related to the rental process. The features and clarity of Camasys have exceeded our expectations, enabling us to streamline our internal processes, increase sales velocity, and maintain better control over our metrics.

2. How user-friendly is the system for both management and operational personnel?

The system is intuitive, user-friendly, and, most importantly, relatively easy for new employees to work with.

3. Which part of the system do you really appreciate, and why?

Especially the calendar, daily schedule, and automatic booking settings. The calendar greatly aids us in planning and organizing vehicle rentals, while the daily breakdown provides an accurate overview of rentals at each branch at any given moment. This allows us to efficiently organize our staff's work and minimize customer wait times for vehicle pick-up. Additionally, the automatic inputting of reservations from the international system Wizard has significantly reduced manual labor. Since linking the international reservation system with CAMASYS, all reservations are now automatically imported into the CAMASYS system without the need for employee intervention.

4. Have you observed improvements in rental numbers, utilization rates, and profitability since implementing the system?

When utilizing the fleet efficiently, we have observed significant progress, particularly in the equitable distribution of vehicles across each category. CAMASYS consistently prioritizes vehicles with the lowest mileage, thereby preventing situations where certain vehicles are driven significantly more than others in the fleet. Additionally, we have seen a notable increase in vehicle utilization since integrating the fleet, with a year-over-year comparison showing an increase of over 10%.

5. How satisfied are you with the initial implementation? What aspects did you like?

The implementation process runs smoothly mainly due to good communication from the side of the service provider and our interest in the system.

6. Are you satisfied with managing both Avis and Payless brand through one system?

I see the biggest advantage in the ability to share a fleet very easily and transparently. If there is 1 category at 1 brand that is utilized to a maximum for a particular term, we do not need to unnecessarily offer customers upgrades for free.

7. How do you evaluate tech support with Camasys system?

Support reactions are fast. Incidents are eliminated almost immediately and in case of any requests, they are willing to sit down and think with us about their priority and process setting, which often saves us considerable money. This way, they help us make our work more efficient and contribute to the piece with specific ideas.

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