Camasys Fleet

Car Management System

Solution for every company with car fleets providing everything they need for effective management.

Camasys Fleet

is primarily for major car providers. Provider has a real-time overview of his fleet from one place. Cloud based system is available online anywhere and anytime. Situation can be traced from with any device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet or computer. System serves those who want to trace status and operation of their cars.

Camasys Fleet will tell you anytime:

  • where the cars are,
  • who is using them,
  • when they were picked-up,
  • car technical condition details,
  • details on level of propellants,
  • place and time of repairs,
  • details on special equipment,
  • details on tires status,

System is intended primarily for car dealers allowing overview of where and which car is at customer’s or employee's disposal. This system is of great benefit for taxi services ass well if one car is used by more drivers. Furthermore, functions of Camasys are useful and appreciated by smaller and larger companies that conduct vehicle fleet, bus transport, police, public authorities and many others.
The price is around 10% of the monthly costs in comparison with GPS system, and is free of costs for implementation or for buying of the device. Nothing of this sort is expected.
System is based on steps that follow each other, which allows us to find details about who did what, and to which vehicle.
The main goal of construction of this system was to create revolutionary device of fleet management. We aimed to create revolutionary and at the same time practical system of fleet management that would be able to record and provide large scale of information available in realtime. The goal was also to create system which operational costs would be incomparably lower that operational costs of GPS device.

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