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Sales Office

Sales Office in Silicon Valley

500 El Camino Real,
Santa Clara
CA 95053, USA
Silicon Valley

Filip Orth
Head of Sales
+1 408 417 7098

"We're here"

United Technologies Group,s.r.o.

Ivanska cesta 43,Bratislava SK-821 04, Slovakia, European union

Company Number: 50320637
VAT ID: SK2120284991

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Frequently asked questions
Q:How is the data I provided secured?

A:Your data is saved on encrypted storages, which are permanently backed up and the entire communication between you and us is encrypted from the moment you log-in using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology from Let's Encrypt company. Therefore, your data is protected from unauthorized access or misuse.

Q:Where is my data stored?

A:Camasys runs on protected cloud storage DigitalOcean, which is our independent server without the access of any other administrator on highly encrypted storage which is permanently backed up.

Q:Is the internet payment secured?

A:Yes, the payments are processed by SecurionPay, a partner company of major European banks and it’s one of the leaders of payment processing market.

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