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Cloud solution

As an online solution, Camasys is accessible anywhere, any time. Immediate system implementation. System is base on fully responsive platforms, it is fast and adaptable to all your devices, whether it's PC, tablet, or mobile phone.




 History of damages

Effective rolling stock management

Thanks to its functions all of its actions are optimised since its launching, all is done intuitively and under your full control in order to achieve maximum profit of the fleet and to control its technical state.

  • Fleet management system can process information about car demands and car implementation in advance, so it could decide about the reservation.
  • Automatised selection picks newest and minimally used vehicles in order to form equally worn down fleet.
  • Secure rental zone implementation in accordance with more work for operational employees, it is a welcomed aid in case there is not enough employees.
  • Measurement of vehicle usage, various filters.
  • Measurement of profit of the entire fleet, on in specific category or vehicle.
  • Custom efficiency setting for specific subsidiaries.
  • Possibility of unplanned discharge of the vehicle with automatic transfer of already set reservations to other available vehicles.
  • A term can be set to inform the customer about the time when the agency will have his order ready to secure continuous handling.
  • Possibility of unplanned discharge with automatic transfer of already set reservations to other available vehicles.




Management dashboard

Management dashboard

Statistics of services all in the dashboard. At the same time, you can look at the statistics of utilization/occupancy and profitability based on vehicle categories in the Statistics section.Moreover on the DSC of the website, there is real-time utilization of the fleet visible based on organizational units and branches. We have specifics through search by fleet, vehicle type.




Task planning

Task planning

In case of care rental agencies and Camasys system, Car Rental management is not only about managing the vehicles, but also about managing the people. Camasys integrates all functions for management of tasks of car rental agency and its employees. 

The system has all the information needed for their management. It can plan the entire day of your employees in accordance with reservations, needs and state of vehicles of your fleet in a way that would prevent them form missing anything out, inform them on their duties and therefore help them to do their job sufficiently and on time.


  • Screening of the planned vehicle return time, so the agency can prepare easily for its return.
  • Connected with system of reservation that creates limits for specific time if there are more than XY planned to be rented or accepted in that moment, depending on how admin manages the settings.
  • Tracking programme for every user and history searching.
  • Automatic uploading of tasks with notifications for driver.
  • Audit for tracking all operations.
  • System of creating tasks by subsidiaries, call centre or leaders.
  • Integrated tasks setting for subsidiaries.
  • Simple and clear task setting for drivers.
  • Setting time for task completion.
  • Delivering and accepting the vehicle including its control.
  • Chauffer and agent tasks.




 History of damages

History of damages

Camasys is a system of evidence and control of all damage on every vehicle, including photographs and records. Eliminates complaints and misunderstandings.

  • Damage photographs through system.
  • Full check in and damage protocol.
  • The damage is saved in records of every vehicle.
  • A posteriori check while preparing or returning the vehicle.
  • Easy even if damage occurs internally.
  • Direct upload of photo documentation to server.
  • Vehicle records and photo documentation back-up.

Very important device if there is a complaint on returned vehicle and client refuses to take responsibility for damage done. Helpful in customer service, useful device for evidence with purpose to sell the vehicle, the summarisation can be drawn up for the potential buyer and lined up according to date.

Damages are a nightmare for any car rental, especially those that are recognized by the receiving agent, when the customer returns their car to the car rental. The question that arises then is whether the damages really happened while they were driving or not. For the given record there is an acceptance protocol between both parties, however the registry of damages due to the difficulty of the record and the amount of branches, is not there. The question that often arises is that if the given damage did not occur before. The car rental possibly charging the customer for the given damage accidentally again. This type of problem is a part of frequent claims for damage fees that were assigned to the customers from the car rental. This type of problem advances to a consequence of lowering the rating of the car rental related to customer´s discontent with the car rental company. Current working with customers through means of acceptance protocols in paper form, which are self-rewriting, are putting a burden on each branch by costs of printing, their archive and administration.

The goal of the newest version of Camasys 2.4 are several features, one of the most important is, securing an electronic record about the condition of the car, which is even able to go into the history of the vehicle and in the case of damage, it is possible to clearly find out what damage has occured and when. The goal is to eliminate discrepancies, reduce operation costs and digitize the whole company to the maximum. If a repair is done, there is a record in the system, where and what repair was done and for what price, including information about who repaired it. Of course, each branch has access to the mentioned records and can confront the given record with the real condition. Moreover, an important functionality is that after the repair of damages, the fleet department will mark the repair and the protocol will be clear again. This way, each company can become paperless (environmentally friendly).




Branch system

Multi Branch system

Camasys is capable of managing corporation, licence agency, subsidiaries ...all at the same time If needed.Ability to manage multiple brands and each brand with multiple branches. It enables creation of agency's own server to enable external access to the system.


  • Lot of agencies and brands
  • Numerous departments
  • Clients records
  • Appropriate output for CRM management
  • Enables access of external companies.
  • Reporting of daily status of cars, brands, branches.
  • Adjustable rights of access to data.

System enables numerous departments, numerous tax identification numbers within one brand and possibility of adjusting the access to data according to needs of various subsidiaries.




Business growth potential

Business growth potential

Camasys enables to provide better services that your competition, without complaints, without waiting and with vehicles in great and controlled technical condition. It always provides the information and data needed for your decision - making. It will be a great partner of yours when it comes to buying a new vehicle or hiring a new employee, even when opening a new subsidiary or entire branch of subsidiaries, which you will be able to manage easily.

  • System analysis can track efficiency and profit of the fleet, specific category and subsidiary.
  • Results of the systems work are visible immediately.
  • Processing of statistics that record utilization rate of vehicles and fleet.
  • Management statistics “Sale Statistics Hube - SSH”
  • Records and archives the entire history of vehicles existence.
  • Management of customers satisfaction with provided services through customer questionnaire with its complete analysis from vehicle preparation to its delivery. 
    (Local or seasonal visualisation of the document for the customer availlable)




User and mobile friendly

User and mobile friendly

We place emphasis on understanding the system and its functional parts. What makes our solution stand out is not only the fact that anyone can learn how to use it, but is has also many benefits for its users.

Its ability to adapt to the whole range of situations creates structural device for common employees and company's management. What took you hours before the system will provide for you almost immediately.

  • The system is addictive from the very beginning and in a few days you will find the answer on the question how can it improve and increase your current business.
  • System is based on fully responsive platforms, it is fast and adaptable to any device (whether it's PC, tablet, or mobile phone ).
  • System is user friendly and anyone will learn how to use it quickly.
  • More simple vehicle search.
  • The basic language of the system is English. There are also other languages available in the basic package, upon request.




Instant updates

Instant updates

This software is online, there is no need to install it, therefore there is no need to update it as well. The only thing you have to do is log in to access updated and safe software fully compatible with your devices and all functions that we keep adding and improving. Moreover, it enables connection of other modules that are to be available soon:

  • All updates in system are free for our users.
  • You only pay a fee for usage of the system for real number of vehicles and users at the end of the month.




WEB API & QR Codes

WEB API & QR Codes

Online reservations for currently available fleets through web app REST JSON API.

Management and operational software through REST API or for management of one subsidiary or x subsidiaries in one country or more countries, whether corporate, licence or agency style. API enables real time reservation of specific vehicle for a time that was set by client.

Furthermore we generate unique QR code that Camasys is able to work with. Each vehicle has its unique QR code which can be used by agent/driver to access the condition of the vehicle immediately. QR codes are attached to the drivers window, to the vehicle registration card, they are attached to the key chain and can also be part of the RA - rental agreement.

  • It includes records of company’s clients, appropriate output for CRM.
  • Scanning through phone.
  • Simple search for QR codes of specific vehicles.
  • No need for administrative recording of the data.
  • Camasys can be connected to your web pages.
  • Online reservations through API in a a real time.
  • Customer satisfaction questionnaires.




Modular system

ABG integration

The goal of integrating Camasys with Wizard (internal system for all brands of AVIS Budget Group) is a connection of ABG´s internal system with Camasys software. With this integration, the user gains easier access to information in real time without having to follow two different systems. Opening the access to Wizard will allow access to a full database of files, which in efficient modular system Camasys, will create enormous possibilies for its use.




Rental statistics

Rental statistics

Camasys has rental statistics and statistics revenue from rentals.


CAMASYS Car Management Features: Fleet management, Tracking tasks, rates, reservations and damages, B2B and E-Commerce Stock and Branch Management, Customer Surveys, Built-In API, Cloud and Instant Updates, Integrated and Scalable, Multilingual and more...

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