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United Technologies

We are technology enthusiasts trying to change and improve things around us. Our goals is to improve traditional functioning of the company in various sectors a prepare them for the upcoming changes that the automation and technological revolution are sure to bring. Foreseeing the development and implementing it to our products is our passion, it inspires us. The ability of system to transform is one of the fundamental principles of its survival. Global view of systems usage is certainty without compromise.


The first line

Vladimir Orth

CEO & Founder

Jozef Zvalo

CTO & Founder

Martin Viktory

Marketing Manager

Filip Orth

Head of Sales

Michal Hrušovský

Online Marketing


United Technologies Group, s.r.o. was founded in August 2016. The people who founded the company are professionals in their field with a lot of experience and a desire to change and improve things. Long-term experience, that is the basis of the system. The aim is not only to transform existing processes into the digital era.

The main objective is to develop future business models and strategies.


We create the future of individual transport clearly, based on which we create the system. So that it is considerate to people and the planet on which we live. At the same time, efficiency and profitability are no less important elements.

Our vision

  • For people and companies - We create products that make their everyday lives better.
  • Society - We create products with purpose and which improve life standards and efficiency.
  • Products - We create different variations of products that make the planet a better place.
  • Human - Human is the pillar to everything, human has the ideas and is the conductor for a change.
  • Environment – The aim of our products is to reduce the environmental burden.
  • Achievement - It is our motive and also a moving force of what we create.
  • Satisfied customer – The customer is the peak of our endeavour, this is our goal, their satisfaction


  • Adaptability - To existing processes.
  • Innovation - To be at the top of technological development.

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