Budget Faroe CEO Interview

Saroya Dalsgarð

1, Did you receive what you generally expected from Camasys?

So far yes indeed, some things still to come

2, How friendly is the system for the management and people from operations?

Once you get the hang of it, which is fast, it’s very user friendly

3, Which part of the system do you really apreciate and why?

So many! To mention a few, our most used and appreciated features so far, are daily task, calendar, to be prepared, to be transferred and practically everything :)

4, Do you see an impovement with the system by the number of rentals, utilization, and growth of profit? If yes, please compare it with 1 year before, when you did not have the system.

In utilization yes, partially because of the „to be prepared“ function, making our drivers work more effective. In profit not really yet, however it has made our daily workload so much easier and hence not requiring more staff. So a save in salary for extra staff :)

5, How are you satsisfied with the initial implementation, what did you like?

It went really well and your Jozef has been very helpful and provided excellent service at all times

6, What do you think of the price for the system, is it good value for the money?


7, If another car rental company asked, would you recommend system Camasys to them? And why?

If it’s for another ABG licensee yes, but for competitors, no. We would like to keep it exclusively for Avis/Budget/Payless :) It still needs to be implemented in Wizard and to be able to generate rental agreements and the rental calculation/invoicing to be perfect

8, How are you satisfied with managing both Avis and Budget brand through one system?

It works fine, allthough we would like some things to be different. But that might all come in the future since you guys keep developing

9, How quick is the request response in the system? Is it slow or is it fast?

It’s fast

10, How do you think system Camasys helps working against competitor brands?

We are not sure what system our competitors are using, but I think the main features are the same

11, Are you satisfied with Camasys team support? If yes,please specify.

Yes, as already said, your team, Jozef and Michal Hudak, have been very helpful, professional and providing a speedy service always.

Saroya Dalsgarð
CEO AVIS & Budget Faroe Islands





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