AVIS Slovakia CSO Interview

Juraj Šulhaň

1, Did you receive what you generally expected from Camasys?

-In particular, we expected Camasys to make car rentals more efficient and to better organize work, which is related to the car rental process. The features and clarity of Camasys have surpassed our expectations, which has helped us refine our internal processes, sell more and faster and have numbers under control.

2, How friendly is the system for the management and people from operations?

-The system as such is intuitive, user friendly and most importantly for a new employee to work with, the system is relatively easy.

3, Which part of the system do you really apreciate and why?

-Especially calendar, daily schedule and automatic setting of bookings. The calendar helps us greatly during planning and organizing of vehicle rentals and utilization of vehicles. The daily breakdown gives the most accurate view on how many rentals at which branch will be at a given moment, which allows us to better organize the work of our people and minimize the customer waiting for vehicle pick-up and last but not least it is also a function of automatic inputting of reservations from the international system Wizard, which represents a big decrease in manuality of human labor. Since it was managed to link the international reservation system with CAMASYS, all reservations directly and without the need for intervention of our employees fall into the CAMASYS system automatically.

4, Do you see an impovement with the system by the number of rentals, utilization, and growth of profit? If yes, please compare it with 1 year before, when you did not have the system.

-When utilizing the fleet efficiently, we see progress particularly in the fact that we can evenly distribute vehicles represented in each category, since CAMASYS always prioritizes vehicles with the lowest mileage of all available vehicles. This setting eliminates situations, in which a particular vehicle drives a lot more than other vehicles in the fleet. Furthermore, we have seen an increase in the utilization of vehicles, which have been included the fleet and that is in a year-to-year comparison of more than 10%.

5, How are you satsisfied with the initial implementation, what did you like?

-The implementation process runs smoothly mainly due to good communication from the side of the service provider and our interest in the system.

6, What do you think of the price for the system, is it good value for the money?

-Based on the market research we did, I think the price is set appropriately. The system contains all the key features, that we need for daily car rental operation, therefore we pay for what we really need and use.

7, If another car rental company asked, would you recommend system Camasys to them? And why?

-I would recommend the system in light of the aforementioned arguments, but certainly not to the competition, as we would lose strong competitive advantage.

8, How are you satisfied with managing both Avis and Payless brand through one system?

-I see the biggest advantage in the ability to share a fleet very easily and transparently. If there is 1 category at 1 brand that is utilized to a maximum for a particular term, we do not need to unnecessarily offer customers upgrades for free.

9, How quick is the request response in the system? Is it slow or is it fast?

-The system speed is fine. Sometimes we experience a system slowdown.

10, How do you think system Camasys helps working against competitor brands?

-The system helps automating processes, better organizing work and, above all, managing a fleet effectively. Last but not least, through the customer survey function, we are able to measure customer satisfaction very quickly and easily and based on that prioritize what we need to work on to ensure customer satisfaction.

11, Are you satisfied with Camasys team support? If yes,please specify.

-Support reactions are fast. Incidents are eliminated almost immediately and in case of any requests, they are willing to sit down and think with us about their priority and process setting, which often saves us considerable money. This way, they help us make our work more efficient and contribute to the piece with specific ideas.

Juraj Šulhaň 
CSO AVIS Slovakia






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